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Do you or does someone you know live with Epilepsy?  Do you ever need to speak to someone who isn't so close to share your thoughts with?   Do you know all you need to know about your condition or are you frustrated by the lack of information? Are you aware that you are not alone, in Britain today there are over 600,000 people living with some form of Epilepsy. Out of these 30% will have seizures that cannot be controlled by anti-convulsant therapies.

Did you know that Epilepsy kills?  Help us to help you, by working together  to seek some answers on our way forward.   Perhaps you might feel able to share your experiences of the condition with others, be this from a sufferer or a carers point of view.  By sharing our individual stories we may discover ways of increasing awareness into how Epilepsy impacts on the lives of everybody involved.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the local funding streams who generously donate time, resources and money to enable us to continue our important work. To find out more about our funders and how they are currently supporting us click here.

Our Mission

To provide emotional and where possible practical support when most needed.

To provide an environment whereby people can talk to like minded individuals, in a discrimination free zone, without feeling vulnerable or patronised.

To provide information, or signposts to said data on Epilepsy, benefits, treatments etc.

To maintain charity status to enable us to fund raise in aid of research into Epilepsy.

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